Open Knowledge

Since the launch of in 2005, REEEP has been a leader in global efforts to promote and publish Open Data for climate and development data and knowledge.

Oceans of Information

The picture in 2014 is vastly different from that of 2005, when REEEP first launched, and with it the first climate and energy information portal to utilize Linked Open Data.Today we are no longer challenged by a lack of data, but are instead overwhelmed with oceans of information. But how to navigate and make sense of this information? To meet this challenge, REEEP is now focusing not on information pages and portals, but on the architecture underlying global knowledge brokering.

Knowledge Brokers

Data and information come in all sizes and shapes from diverse sources around the globe. A new generation of‘knowledge brokers’ has emerged to help signpost and improve access to knowledge resources for end userss.

Generating, Enabling and Connecting Knowledge

To improve its own knowledge, REEEP is applying Open Data thinking and instruments to its own portfolio, improving categorization and contextualization of portfolio data and making it freely available to all.

To facilitate use of Open Data among the knowledge broker community – not only in climate and development but across the entire spectrum of relevant sectors – REEEP has developed its Climate Tagger toolkit, a growing suite of tools to help organizations better structure and link their data within and across sectors.

REEEP's Open Knowledge Pillar, which leads its work in the Connecting Climate Knowledge focal area, is crucial for supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and policy improvements to empower market shifts across the developing world.


More about REEEP Open Knowledge solutions:

Climate Tagger

Climate Tagger is a suite of tools to help knowledge-driven organizations in the climate and development arenas streamline and catalogue their data and information resources, and connect them to the wider climate knowledge community.

Climate Knowledge Brokers Group

The Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) Group is an alliance of around 50 of the leading global, regional and national knowledge brokers specializing in climate and development information.

CKB Group brings together a diverse set of information players, from international organizations to research institutes, NGOs and networks, and covers the full breadth of climate related themes to work toward breaking down information silos and improving collaboration to advance climate compatible development.

The clean energy info portal is REEEP’s broadest information and data sharing tool. It targets the clean energy-interested public in emerging countries, RE and EE policy makers, and project implementers.  It currently attracts 220,000 visitors per month.  In addition to its own leading role, also shares its data sets with other information brokers, free of charge, and is a strong advocate of the Linked Open Data movement, as a neutral non-partisan source of information for all.

Climate Tagger API (formerly reegle Tagging API)

This free-of-charge service transforms floods of online data into knowledge. The Climate Tagger API (application programming interface) offers two core services to organisations that publish online resources relating to climate and clean energy:

  • Automated tagging of documents covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate relevant subjects
  • Suggestion of related documents from the rapidly growing content pool of items already indexed using the service

Automated tagging ensures that content is classified in a consistent way, which helps the end-user find the resources he or she is looking for.  The suggestion of related documents helps to cover more angles of a given topic and can enrich your website's offering.

REEEP Online Collaboration and Knowledge System (ROCKS)

To facilitate seamless internal cooperation, the new REEEP Online Collaboration and Knowledge System has been adopted as the online working platform to link REEEP personnel with consultants and networks on a day-to-day basis.

Project Management System (PMIS)

REEEP’s online Project Management System (PMIS) is the online node for interaction with REEEP-funded project implementers. The oversight  for more than 180 projects, plus the Project Call evaluation and selection process are handled via this system.  

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