REEEP relies on a dense network of partners and friends: the REEEP Regional Secretariats are our eyes and ears on the ground. Our donors use REEEP services to get greater impact for their funding, while REEEP Partners and other strategic alliances work on specific interventions, projects and programmes.


REEEP's work is made possible by generous donors who share our strong believe in clean energy development. Currently we are funded primarily by governments and industry associations.

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The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership is comprised of 400 official member organisations. These include businesses, NGOs, industry associations, financial institutions and other civil society entities, as well as 45 national governments. Currently, REEEP does not accept new partner applications.

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Strategic collaborations

In addition to its official Partner members, REEEP has close working relationships with clean energy development actors around specific interventions, projects and proposals. REEEP has signed a number of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) that outline such specific collaborations.

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Renewable Energy and International Law (REIL) is a network that creates a space for business leaders, policy-makers, scholars and lawyers to come together to inform, discuss and create legislative and policy frameworks for clean energy.

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Favourable and stable policy and regulatory mechanisms are critical to clean energy market growth. The Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN) compiles an exhaustive survey of the current policy environment, and facilitates the exchange of knowledge between regulators and government officials.

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