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REEEP believes that sharing insight and best-practices is instrumental to building scale and replication across sustainable markets. We provide tools and support for organizations of all types to better share and connect information and knowledge, and to create an environment where information is open and accessible to all.

Since the launch of in 2005, REEEP has been a leader in global efforts to promote and publish Open Data for climate and development data and knowledge.

Oceans of Information

The picture today is vastly different from that of 2005, when REEEP first launched, and with it the first climate and energy information portal to utilize Linked Open Data.Today we are no longer challenged by a lack of data, but are overwhelmed with oceans of information.
But how to navigate and make sense of this information? To meet this challenge, REEEP is now focusing not on information pages and portals, but on the architecture and philosophy underlying global knowledge brokering.

Knowledge is Power: Connecting Climate Knowledge

Sufficient and sound information is vital to every level of decision making across the complex and interconnected climate smart development landscape. The potential for efficiency gains across this landscape are immense given the volume of data and information theoretically available to policy makers, practitioners and the public.
As part our broader efforts to promote interdisciplinary thinking and problem-solving (housed in our Cross Sector Systems Focal Area), we developed the Connecting Climate Knowledge Pathway to realise that potential.

Creating Tools and Setting Examples

The internet now makes the entire storehouse of human knowledge available to anyone, anywhere, via a computer or mobile device. Reflecting this reality, many organisations are taking their existing data sets – many of which are in principle in the public domain already – and making them freely available for use and re-use by anyone.
Opening up public climate, energy and other related data for public use can unleash vast new potential for clean energy markets. To improve our own knowledge and that of others working toward a low-carbon future, REEEP is applying Open Data thinking and instruments to its own portfolio, improving categorization and contextualization of portfolio data and making it freely available to all. As a leader in Linked Open Data, REEEP also provides advisory support for organisations seeking to open up their data sets. 
To facilitate use of Open Data among purveyors and brokers of data and knowledge – not only in the climate and development sectors but across the entire spectrum of relevant arenas – REEEP has developed Climate Tagger, a growing suite of tools to help organizations better structure and link their data within and across sectors.

Climate Knowledge Brokers Group

Data and information come in all sizes and shapes from diverse sources around the globe. A new generation of ‘knowledge brokers’ has emerged to help signpost and improve access to knowledge resources for end users.

To help knowledge brokers across various sectors connect and collaborate, REEEP took a lead role in creating the Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) Group, and was in 2013/2014 selected by members to host the official CKB Group Coordination Hub. The CKB Group, supported by a three year grant from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) will lead capacity building, knowledge sharing and coordination efforts between members.

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