REEEP Partners

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership is officially comprised of 385 member organisations. These include businesses, NGOs, industry associations, financial institutions and other civil society entities, as well as 45 national governments. Currently REEEP does not accept new Partner applications.

The full list of all REEEP Partner organisations is available at the bottom of this page. Our 45 national government Partner organisations are:

  • Government of Angola, Ministry of Energy and Water
  • Government of Argentina, Secretaria de Energia
  • Government of Australia, Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • Government of Austria, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment & Water Management
  • Government of Bolivia, Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy
  • Government of Brazil, Ministério de Minas y Energia
  • Government of Canada, Environment Canada
  • Government of Chile, Ministry of Energy
  • Government of Croatia, Ministry of Economy
  • Government of Finland, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Government of France, Ministère de l'Ecologie, du Développement durable et de l'Energie
  • Government of Germany, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
  • Government of Ghana, Ministry of Energy
  • Government of Guatemala, Ministry of Energy and Mines
  • Government of Hong Kong, Environment Bureau
  • Government of Hungary, Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy
  • Government of Iceland, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism
  • Government of Indonesia, Ministry of Environment
  • Government of Ireland, Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government
  • Government of Italy, Ministry of the Environment and Territory
  • Government of Japan, Ministry of the Environment
  • Government of Kyrgyz Republic, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Fuel Resources
  • Government of Mexico, Secretariat of Energy
  • Government of Nepal, Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology
  • Government of New Zealand, Ministry of Economic Development
  • Government of Norway, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Government of Romania, Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation (ARCE)
  • Government of Senegal, Ministry for Energy
  • Government of Singapore, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (Climate Change & Projects)
  • Government of Slovak Republic, Ministry of Environment
  • Government of South Africa, Department of Energy
  • Government of South Korea, Ministry Of Knowledge Economy
  • Government of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Environment
  • Government of St. Lucia, Ministry of Physical Development, Housing and Environment
  • Government of Switzerland, Bundesamt für Energie
  • Government of the Netherlands, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment
  • Government of the Philippines, Department of Energy
  • Government of the Solomon Islands
  • Government of the UK, Department of Energy & Climate Change
  • Government of the United States of America, Department of State
  • Government of Tonga, Ministry of Lands, Survey and Natural Resources
  • Government of Tunisia, Ministère de l'Industrie, de l'Energie et des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises
  • Government of Tuvalu
  • Government of Vanuatu
  • Government of Yemen, Ministry of Electricity 


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