Policy Lab

Clean energy markets require policy frameworks that support entrepreneurs and technologies. REEEP actively gathers data to monitor and evaluate our portfolio, enabling us to identify barriers and opportunities to growth. We work from the top-down and bottom-up to instigate policy change that stimulates an environment for growth.

SELCO solar electric unit (Credit: Mallikarjun Katakol)

REEEP is now testing the Portfolio with a sophisticated monitoring, evaluation and learning system. The purpose is to generate practice-based policy: knowledge and recommendations based on bottom-up insights and information gleaned from market realities to inform top-down policy making processes.

The backbone of the Policy Lab and REEEP's practice-based policy development is a redesigned portfolio monitoring and evaluation framework, which gathers more and higher-quality data and insight from the Portfolio than ever before, while streamlining a rapid analysis and policy planning process undertaken together with selected partner institutions.

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Eva Kelly Oberender

Director, Strategic Projects