Programme & People

People and the projects they drive are at the core of REEEP’s efforts to scale up clean energy solutions.


REEEP has funded over 180 clean energy projects in 58 countries. Projects on the ground in developing countries and emerging economies form the heart of REEEP’s efforts to accelerate the market.

Affordable energy services from SELCO in rural India
Farmers trade crops for solar LED lighting
KiribatiSolomon Islands
Major brands optimise EE in China textile factories

Focal Areas

To best support the growth of clean energy markets in developing countries, REEEP focuses on developing insights, nurturing networks and creating impact in several specific, high-potential areas – REEEP focal areas.

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REEEP team

REEEP has a global team of staff members, consultants and Regional Secretariats who all share a passionate belief in the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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