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Financing Biogas-Powered Agricultural Processing in Cambodia: Nexus

Rice husks are the indigestible coatings of rice grains, produced and discarded by Cambodian rice millers at the rate of more than 1 million tons per year. They are also potential sources of energy through bio-gasification...

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Pico Hydro-Powered Agricultural Mills in Nepal: Clean Energy Development Bank and SNV

For centuries Nepal’s farmers have utilised the country’s vast hydropower potential via Traditional Water Mills (TWMs), primarily to grind maize and wheat. This is a prime area for innovation and investment, and...

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Solar Powered Dairy Refrigeration in Bangladesh: Enerplus

While milk production has doubled in 10 years, domestic supplies are still lagging, and as a result Bangladesh imports most of its dairy needs in condensed form. Domestic milk collection and related needs for power for cooling is...

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Solar Powered Multi-Use Cold Storage in Uganda: Station Energy

Given Uganda’s solar potential and the necessity of distributed storage facilities to minimize transport distances between field and storage, off-grid solar PV powered cold storage represents a significant opportunity to...

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Solar-Powered Irrigation in Kenya: SunCulture

Irrigation in general – and Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (or SPIS) in particular – can provide substantial benefits to local prosperity in regions that adopt them. The most direct benefit is the increased revenue...

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