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REEEP’s family of high-impact ventures is a catalyst for clean energy market growth in the developing world. REEEP actively scouts and recruits among entrepreneurs, vets entries and performs due diligence, and invests donor grant funding into promising endeavors. We measure ROI not in money but in markets changed.

REEEP holds two portfolios, each playing a crucial role in market development:

Enterprise Portfolio – Building Scale

The enterprise portfolio directly helps businesses build scale and grow through a seed-level grant funding of up to €350,000 to launch or expand new clean energy technology and services. Selected entrepreneurs receive more than just a grant: through the new investment accelerator component, run in close partnership with CTI PFAN, REEEP provides mentoring to entrepreneurs in developing business plans and improving processes, and facilitates connections to private investors.

Enabling Portfolio – Replicating Success

REEEP ventures provide critical insights into practical experiences in specific market realities. REEEP translates these insights into knowledge and action, working with policy makers to better understand the practical effects of regulatory and other policy decisions, and design policy tools to create a better enabling environment – the conditions necessary for vibrant energy entrepreneurship. These practice-based policy insights feed back into REEEP’s work, directing investments into the enabling portfolio: non-enterprise policy efforts toward improving enabling environments in specific countries and regions.

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Director of Programmes

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