What We Do

REEEP invests in clean energy markets to help developing countries expand modern energy services and improve lives; increase prosperity and economic dynamism; and keep CO2 emissions in check: a paradigm commonly known as green growth. REEEP’s tools are modern clean energy technologies – renewable energy and energy efficiency – market forces, and knowledge management.

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REEEP has developed a unique structure to meet the specific requirements of our approach. We operate in four key pillar activities which are interconnected and interdependent in our work to build sustainable markets in the developing world.

REEEP Portfolio

REEEP operates a portfolio of projects to shift markets. We selectively fund entrepreneurs and ventures that have sound business models and strong potential to stimulate clean energy market growth.

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Investment Accelerator

REEEP’s investment accelerator component strengthens entrepreneurs through business training, mentoring and best-practice consulting drawn from the project portfolio, and strengthens enterprises through targeted financial injections to “de-risk” projects.

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Policy Lab

Clean energy markets require policy frameworks that support entrepreneurs and new technologies. REEEP actively gathers and processes insight from our portfolio, enabling us to identify barriers and opportunities for growth. We work from the top-down and bottom-up to instigate policy change that stimulates an environment for growth.

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Open Knowledge

REEEP believes that sharing insight and best-practices is instrumental to building scale and replication in sustainable markets. We provide tools and support for organizations of all types to better share and connect information and knowledge, and to create an environment where information is open and accessible to all.

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