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REEEP description

REEEP designs and implements tailor-made financing mechanisms, utilising strategic injections of public funding to build dynamic, sustainable markets and ultimately make clean energy technology accessible and affordable to all. Through a combination of financial assistance, capacity building, facilitation of stakeholder cooperation and technical assistance, our programmes fill financing and knowledge gaps that prevent private sector players from operating successfully in frontier markets.

REEEP is a pathfinder: we design our programmes as lighthouse activities that demonstrate how governments and the private sector can cooperate to advance market readiness for renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access, for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations.  

Market transformation is complex and multidimensional. REEEP develops pioneering ways of monitoring, evaluating and learning from its programmes, combining in-depth qualitative information with ground-breaking quantitative data to improve our own and our partners’ understanding of the systems we work in, identifying opportunities and barriers to success and lower risk for market actors.


Climate Tagger description

Climate Tagger is a suite of tools to help knowledge-driven organizations in the climate and development arenas streamline and catalogue their data and information resources, and connect them to the wider climate knowledge community.



Downloadable logos for REEEP, Climate Tagger, CKB Group and reegle are available here.


Speaker biographies

Brief personal summaries of each REEEP's management team members are linked below.

Andreas Zahner - Programme Director


Speaker photographs

Photos of each of REEEP's management team members can be downloaded below.

Andreas Zahner - Programme Director


FAO thesaurus links with reegle

AGROVOC, the online corporate thesaurus of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) is now linked with the reegle thesaurus. This FAO resource is currently available in up to 22 languages, and contains an average of 40,000 terms in each. When searching for clean energy or climate related terms, AGROVOC users will now also be able to receive concept descriptions and information on related terms drawn from the reegle thesaurus.



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