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How innovative payment systems are helping Zambians electrify their lives

ReadyPay customer Steven Miyoba shows the solar panel on his roof, on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia
For just a few Kwacha a day, subsistence farmers in rural Zambia can pay off solar lighting and phone charging systems supplied by VITALITE Zambia and Fenix International – two of four companies providing clean and reliable off-grid energy solutions through the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia, supported by the Swedish Government. 

Lessons for Africa from India's Electrification Experience?

The fundamental lesson from the Indian experience for any country looking to rapidly accelerate expansion of electricity access is that market-based decentralized renewable energy solutions represent the fastest and most cost-effective ways to bring energy to underserved rural and peri-urban populations; but to leverage the innovation, expertise and investment of the private sector, governments must work to include such approaches in development and electrification master planning, and to develop sustainable mechanisms for compensating private operators and providers of energy services for providing a public good to society.

Press Release: Sweden's Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia Signs First Contracts with Energy Service Providers. The Goal: Modern Energy for One Million Zambians

Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Henrik Cederin, VITALITE Director John Fay and long-standing VITALITE distributor Mr. Chongo at the contract signing in Mr. Chongo's shop in rural Chongwe

Sweden’s Ambassador to Zambia Henrik Cederin signed four contracts last Friday with companies offering a variety of rural energy solutions, marking the start of operations of the Power Africa: Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia (BGFZ). The USD25m Fund, which is financed by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and managed by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), aims to bring modern energy to one million Zambians, and build a solid foundation for continuing growth of the market such that it can serve all Zambians.

Sweden opens first financing round of €20m off-grid electrification fund for Zambia

The Government of Sweden and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) announced today the opening of the first financing round of the Power Africa: Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia. The €20m Fund aims to bring modern clean energy access to one million Zambians and jump-start the country’s burgeoning markets for energy services. The Fund will directly support private enterprises in the off-grid energy space through an innovative new results-based financing approach.

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2012

A lack of access to modern energy services negatively affects nearly a third of humanity. While poor people remain in darkness and ill health, there can be no escape from the vicious cycle of poverty. But how can this cycle be broken, and turned to one of increasing prosperity and economic and social development? To answer that question we must constantly improve our shared understanding of the scale, causes, and evolving solutions to the multiple dimensions of energy poverty.

Mini Grid Development in Africa

Improving access to modern energy services in rural areas in developing countries remains a major development priority. While many countries continue to pursue ambitious and often challenging grid connection programmes, there is increasing interest in decentralized generation and distribution through mini-grids.

Integrated Rural Energy Utilities: A review of literature and opportunities for the Establishment of an IREU

Rural energy service delivery remains a significant challenge for many countries in Africa. Modern energy forms, and particularly electricity, are generally not available to the majority of rural areas, and many urban areas.This review looks at Integrated Rural Energy Utilities and the opportunities.


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