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Global Energy Basel 2013

Global Energy Basel is a leading global non-profit foundation dedicated towards promoting sustainable infrastructure financing practices. The foundation is funded and supported by the Swiss Government, the City of Basel, and other partners that aim to foster market based sustainable development around the world.  REEEP stakeholders can attend the Global Energy Basel 2013 summit at a 50% discount.

African Urban Infrastructure Summit

As a result of Africa's rapid economic growth and population expansion, over a third of African inhabitants currently live in cities, while the latest projections suggest that this proportion will have risen to 50% by 2030. This rapid urbanisation will require governments to invest in the expansion of housing capacity, better infrastructure, energy and healthcare facilities, ICT services, water management and sanitation.

Lessons in Renewable Replication from SELCO

During a recent visit to a number of branches, laboratories and projects of SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd. And the SELCO Foundation in Karnataka, India, REEEP´s DG Martin Hiller tried to test the notion of replicating SELCO´s business model. This social enterprise has been built its success over twenty years, and elaborated a detailed understanding of the market for distributed solar power for India’s poor in rural and urban contexts.

Ethiopia Infrastructure, Power & Energy Investment Summit 2014

At the occasion of the High Level Meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) on 11-13 February 2014, EU Commissioner for Development Andris Pielbags said:

"Energy is fundamental to development. No energy means no sustainable economic growth, no sustainable agriculture, no quality healthcare; no decent education. In short, no energy means no development. This is why the EU has set itself the goal to help developing countries provide 500 million people with access to sustainable energy services by 2030.”

ESMAP develops Renewable Energy Project Resource Center with help from REEEP

Renewable energy is making rapid inroads in developing countries, with investment reaching US$112 billion in 2012, representing 46 percent of total global investment in renewable energy. Yet even with this growth in activity, investors, developers, and other practitioners still operate in an information vacuum when it comes to easily finding practical examples of financing and implementation of renewable energy projects.

REEEP participates in special event on stakeholder engagement to fast track grid projects in India

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), in association with Department for International Development, UK (DFID) REEEP as knowledge partner, organized a special event on stakeholder engagement to fast track grid connected projects under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) on February 5th, during the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS). This event was part of a broader consultation to develop a roadmap for the larger and faster implementation program on solar energy sector, supported by DFID, TERI and REEEP.

Regional Interventions and Partners Meeting held in New Delhi

The Regional Intervention and Partners’ meeting was held at TERI India Habitat Center, New Delhi on the 31st of Jan 2014, where over 30 stakeholders participated in the consultations. The meeting discussions included new developments within the organization, the evolution of existing and future call priorities and possible interventions. Discussion sessions were held around Open Data and energy positive buildings, their relevance to the region, and ways forward. 


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