Development leaders talk evaluation at Wilton Park

As part of the International Year of Evaluattion 2015, the Centre for Development Impact (a joint initiative of the Institute of Development Studies, Itad Ltd and the University of East Anglia) hosted a meeting at Wilton Park  to discuss the state of impact evaluation, and build new evaluation coalitions for market-oriented development initiatives.

REEEP's Quinn Reifmesser, the senior project manager for REEEP's monitoring and evaluation work, attended the two-day closed session together with evaluation professionals, development partners and investors from around the world. The groups were tasked with exploring new ways to demonstrate the utility of evaluation to new actors and in new context, and how to better valuate impact - particularly social and environmental impact. 

The overarching theme of the meeting was evaluating market-oriented development, and participants discussed the role of public-private partnerships, ethical investing, social and environmental impact funding, market-based instruments and other innovations in the market-driven development space. 

"We are at a turning point," said Ms Reifmesser, speaking of latent demand for impact and other development-related investment opportunities in emerging markets. "As more organisations like REEEP work toward 'demystifying' this demand, we will continue to close gaps and complement the needs of the private sector" with opportunities in developing countries.

Check this space for updates when the full report is released.