4th Africa Mini Grids Summit

21-03-2018 to 22-03-2018, Nairobi, Kenya

Join REEEP at the 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit, where government representatives, private sector stakeholders and investors will come together to explore how mini grids can help meet the large and growing demand for off-grid electrification in Africa. John Tkacik, REEEP's Senior Manager, Programme, will be presenting early lessons from the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia, as well as discuss opportunities for expansion and replication of this facility.

Mini grids have been identified as a key technology through which to address critical electrification shortages in Africa. Many African governments, including the governments of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana, are exploring the creation of enabling policy and regulatory environments for the roll out of mini grids beyond pilot projects. 

This summit will highlight the business case for mini grids in Africa, analyse the mechanics behind various implementation models and share insights on how to overcome the pain points still plaguing the industry.