DSDS 2013: The Global Challenge of Resource Efficient Growth and Development

31-01-2013 to 02-02-2013, New Delhi, India

Debates at the 2013 edition of TERI’s Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) will help further the resolutions of the Rio+20 Conference delineated in the document entitled – ‘The Future We Want' which desires inclusive and equitable economic growth, greater opportunities and reduction of inequalities across the globe. REEEP's Director General Martin Hiller will be speaking at the event.

Key topics

DSDS 2013 plenaries will revolve around the sub-themes of:

  • Adapting to the impacts of climate change
  • Mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases and associated co-benefits
  • Employment and growth potential of a green economy
  • Choices before the BRICS and a new economic construct
  • Sustainable development and the new knowledge economy
  • Defining the future we want

Special features

Other special features include:


Hotel Taj Palace
Sardar Patel Marg
Diplomatic Enclave,
New Delhi - 110 021


DSDS has been organized annually since 2001, and is an international platform for exchange of knowledge on all nuances of sustainable development. Over the past twelve years, it has emerged as one of the most leading forums on issues of global sustainability.

The Summit witnesses the attendance of various heads of State and Governments, thought leaders, policy makers and the crème de la crème of industry and academia who come together to deliberate on myriad issues. To date, a total of 33 Heads of State and ministers from over 43 countries have registered their presence at the Summit.