Ethiopia Infrastructure, Power & Energy Investment Summit 2014

07-05-2014 to 08-05-2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

At the occasion of the High Level Meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) on 11-13 February 2014, EU Commissioner for Development Andris Pielbags said:

"Energy is fundamental to development. No energy means no sustainable economic growth, no sustainable agriculture, no quality healthcare; no decent education. In short, no energy means no development. This is why the EU has set itself the goal to help developing countries provide 500 million people with access to sustainable energy services by 2030.”

Ethiopia is endowed with abundant renewable energy resources and is now looking for reliable international partners, operators, advisory services and finance. As infrastructure is currently vastly underdeveloped, large projects in transport, roads, railways, freight, etc. will facilitate both economic growth and regional stability, making Ethiopia an even more attractive investment destination.

As the Government has decided to give a very high priority to new energy as a motor for sustainable development, the forthcoming Ethiopia Infrastructure, Power & New Energy Investment Summit presents itself as a unique international gathering and match-making platform for all those companies interested in business development in these sectors.

The event, scheduled for 7-8 May in Addis Ababa will welcome an audience of 200+ delegates, consisting of senior representatives from the Ethiopian Government, IFIs, industry experts and key players from the private sectors, SMEs, advisers,  including domestic and international companies in construction, public works, transport, logistics, renewable, alternative energies technology along with banks, investors and private equity companies, legal and consultants.


For further information and registration, please contact: administration [at]