Green ICT for Sustainable Consumption?

17-01-2013 to 18-01-2013, Vienna, Austria

This Vienna event brings together high-level scientists, policy-makers and industry representatives to explore, discuss and address pressing questions on the potentials and challenges of green information and communication technology (ICT) for enabling sustainable consumption.

High-level keynote speakers

Ray Pinto, Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa
Inge Røpke, Aalborg University
Grégoire Wallenborn, Free University of Brussels

Questions to be considered

  • What is the potential of cloud computing as enabler of sustainable consumption in terms of direct, indirect and systemic effects?
  • How can smart metering help to reduce the energy consumption of households?
  • How can we design policies and practices to realise the potential of ICTs and promote a process towards sustainable consumption?
  • What are the respective roles and responsibilities of policy-makers, representatives of ICT industries, researchers, and other stakeholders?


Palais Harrach
Freyung 3
A-1010 Vienna, Austria


Please note that the number of participants is limited to 40 people.
You are kindly asked to send an informal registration e-mail by November 30, 2012 to ict [at]

You will also find additional information about the event and the RESPONDER project under the link below.