02-12-2019 to 13-12-2019, Madrid, Spain

REEEP will be attending the 25th Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC in Madrid to celebrate the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia's UN Global Climate Action Award and to discuss the programme's new expansion, the Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa. Below is an overview of the events we will be co-organising or participating in. If you would like to meet with us in Madrid, please do not hesitate to come see us at these events or send an e-mail to communications [at]

UN Global Climate Action Awards: Financing for Climate-Friendly Investment

Monday, 9 December, 15:00-15:45, Climate Action Hub

This event will highlight this year's winners of the UN Global Climate Action Awards in the Financing for Climate-Friendly Investment category. Maher Chebbo, Chair of the REEEP Governing Board, will present the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia and take part in an expert panel afterwards.

Official Side Event: Mobilising Investment for Off-Grid Energy Solutions in African Countries

Tuesday, 10 December, 11:30-13:00, Room 4

This side event, organised by REEEP, NEFCO and ICETT, will explore the challenges faced by companies and customers in off-grid energy markets in African countries, against the background of the launch of the new Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa programme. Speakers will include representatives from the Zambian government, the Liberian government, Sida, NEFCO and REEEP.
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Engaging Public and Private Sector to Co-Create Impactful Off-Grid Energy Businesses

Tuesday, 10 December, 16:00-17:00, in two locations: Madrid - Nordic Pavilion and Stockholm - Norsskenhuset

Organised by NEFCO, this event will be held simultaneously at the Nordic Pavilion at COP in Madrid and at the Nordic No-Fly COP Hub in Stockholm, Sweden. In Stockholm, a panel of experts will discuss concrete ways for the public and private sectors to work together to help off-grid clean energy businesses thrive and bring energy access to the 1 billion people still living without. This informal, talk show-style discussion will be live-streamed to the Nordic Pavilion in Madrid, where high-level stakeholders will gather to network and offer input to the discussion via video link. In both locations the event will be followed by refreshments.
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UN Global Climate Action Awards: Award Ceremony

Tuesday, 10 December, 18:00-20:00, Blue Zone, Hall 4, Room tbc

This marquee event is a moment of celebration at COP 25 to recognize the 15 winners of the 2019 UN Global Climate Action Awards. This event is expected to be one of the most dynamic and exciting events at COP 25, with inspiring speakers, videos, photography, and a musical performance. The award for the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia will be accepted by Klas Wäldestrom for Sida and Maher Chebbo for REEEP. The award ceremony will be followed by a reception.



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