REFF-LAC: Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Latin America and Caribbean

30-04-2013 to 01-05-2013, Miami, United States

Returning for its third year, the Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Latin America and Caribbean (REFF-LAC) is a unique platform matching capital with renewable energy project development in the region. REEEP stakeholders get a 20% discount.

Overview of REFF-LAC

Latin America and the Caribbean are making great strides in their development of renewable energy. This creates a real business opportunity for bankers and investors to get in early and to invest in the solid assets and sustainable revenue streams offered by these clean technologies. The 3rd annual Renewable
Energy Finance Forum – Latin America and the Caribbean conference (REFF-LAC) will allow project developers to meet the people with the money and the will to invest in renewable energy projects. Meanwhile the conference sessions will allow participants to identify the renewable energy financing mechanisms which will work best for the region for the rest of the decade.

Exciting times for renewable energy

Many countries, like Brazil, are embracing renewable energy, not just as a way to increase electricity supply but also as a means to grow their economies. Mexico, Chile, and some countries in Central America are developing renewable energy with some vigor, whilst the Cayman Islands recently introduced a feed-in tariff, and almost every Caribbean island is working to make changes. Learn what is working in which country – and what is not.

Case studies: successful renewable energy projects

This year, we will be highlighting examples of successful renewable energy projects, asking the bankers and developers involved to share what worked well and why the returns on these investments look so promising. There will be interesting lessons to be learned!

Different financing solutions for different projects

The conference will look at different types of renewable energy financing: project finance, equity finance, venture capital and angel investment – and more, and identify which types of financing are most appropriate for which types of renewable energy project in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Speakers include:

Senator Darcy Boyce
Minister, Office of the Prime Minister, Barbados

Roberto Tamayo Pereyra
Director General, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Peru

Lynn Tabernacki
Managing Director:Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance, OPIC

Paul Leggett
Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Registration and 20% REEEP discount

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