Vienna Energy Forum 2017

09-05-2017 to 12-05-2017, Vienna, Austria

REEEP is a partner in the organisation of the Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) 2017, which will be themed Sustainable energy for the implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. It will highlight the multiplier effects of integrated approaches for sustainable development, and accentuate the potential of the sustainable energy nexus as well as innovation to drive accelerated sustainable growth.

Vienna Energy Forum 2017

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) aim to address the interlinked problems of inequality, hunger and climate change. VEF 2017 will focus specifically on addressing the linkages among the key SDGs and their contribution to the 2030 Development Agenda, with an emphasis on better policy analysis and institutional arrangements needed to spur innovation, as well as the tools necessary to increase the role of innovation as a driver of economic growth, job creation and sustainable development.

The Forum will continue to be the global high level platform for discussing the pivotal sustainability challenges of our age, and the catalytic role of energy in achieving inclusive and sustainable development.