Vienna Energy Forum 2018 - Special Session

14-05-2018 to 16-05-2018, Vienna, Austria

This year's Vienna Energy Forum consists of three major energy events in three days: first the VEF plenaries, on May 14, then the Austrian World Summit, on May 15, and finally the PFAN Global Investment Forum, on May 16.

On May 14, three high-level plenary sessions will be held at the Vienna International Centre, touching on the themes of Energy System Transformation, Clean Energy Technology and Innovation, and Partnerships. The titles of these sessions are:

  • Energy System Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges for Developing and Emerging Economies
  • Climate & Clean Energy Technology and Innovation: Empowering and Catalyzing Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Climate Innovation in Developing Countries
  • Delivering Prosperity through Partnerships: North-South and South-South Technology Cooperation

Besides the plenaries, there will also be three high-level roundtables, tackling the following themes:

  • How to accelerate the participation of developing economies in the climate and clean energy technology and innovation space?
  • The Global Network of Sustainable Energy Centers: accelerating the energy transition through sub-regional cooperation.
  • How emergent energy systems can be a catalyst for industrial transformation in Africa and LDCs?