Vienna R20 Conference: Implementing the Sustainable Energy Future

31-01-2013 to 01-02-2013, Vienna, Austria

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Founding Chair of the R20 Initiative along with the UNIDO, UNDP, UNEP, the Assembly of European Regions and the Nobel Sustainability Trust invite you to this conference on implementing the sustainable energy future on a sub-national scale.

Best practices and recent success stories will be showcased to demonstrate through concrete examples, that the transformation of the energy system at sub-national level is an essential step towards the green economy paradigm shift.  The link for registration can be found at the bottom of this page.

Speakers include:

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
R20 Founding Chair

Werner Faymann
Federal Chancellor of Austria

José Manuel Barroso
President of the European Commission (tbc)

Kandeh Yumkella
General Director UNIDO

Connie Hedegaard
European Commissioner for Climate Action (tbc)

Victor Ponta
Prime Minister of Romania

Nikolaus Berlakovich
Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water, Austria

Karlheinz Töchterle
Federal Minister for Science and Research, Austria

Ulli Sima
Executive Councillor for the Environment, Vienna

Stephan Pernkopf
Minister of Environment and Energy of the Federal State of Lower Austria

Terry Tamminen
R20 Strategic Advisor and Former Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency

Michèle Sabban
President of the Assembly of Regions, President of Board of R20

Gustaf Nobel
Chair of Nobel Sustainability Trust


Aula der Wissenschaften
(Science Auditorium)
Wollzeile 27a
1010 Vienna


R20 (Regions of Climate Action)

Inspired by the success of subnational action over the past several years, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other subnational leaders decided to formalize their working relationship and add new partners by creating the R20.

The R20 is a public-private partnership, bringing together subnational governments; businesses; financial institutions; academic institutions; non-profit organizations; intergovernmental organizations, and United Nations Programme to develop and implement measurable, large-scale, low-carbon and climate resilient economic development projects at the subnational level which can simultaneously solve the climate crisis and build a sustainable global economy.

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