World Future Energy Summit

15-01-2013 to 17-01-2013, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is one of the world's leading annual events dedicated to advancing future energy, energy efficiency and clean technologies. WFES 2013 will bring together global leaders in policy, technology and business to discuss the state of the art, develop new ways of thinking, and to shape the future of renewable energy.

This sixth annual gathering of future energy’s world leaders will be home to brilliant minds and inspiring thinkers for three days of expert debate and world class innovation in the heart of Abu Dhabi. The conference attracts numerous heads of state, CEOs and other prominent guests.

On day three of the conference, a session co-organised by REIL will explore technology and its role in promoting clean energy.

Thursday 17 January: Plenary Session 1

How Technology and Innovation Will Shape the Future

Innovation on all fronts is necessary to meet the economic, environmental and energy security challenges of the 21st century. Speakers on the topic will include REEEP's Director General Martin Hiller and several REEEP-related personalities.


James Cameron
Founder and Executive Chairman Climate Change Capital, United Kingdom


Nawal al Hosany
Director Sustainability, Masdar, and Director, Zayed Future Energy Prize Masdar, United Arab Emirates

Morgan D. Bazilian
Deputy Director Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA), National Renewable Energy Laboratory, United States

Harish Hande
Founder and CEO, SELCO India

Martin Hiller
Director General,REEEP

Richard Kauffman
Senior Advisor to the Secretary US Department of Energy, United States