Upcoming events

  • Africa Energy Indaba 2019

    Johannesburg, South Africa, 19-02-2019 to 20-02-2019

    Africa Energy Indaba - 19-20 February 2019, Johannesburg

    REEEP endorses the next edition of the Africa Energy Indaba Conference, which is the definitive energy conference for Africa, providing an annual programme that shapes energy policy for the African continent. Key issues that...

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  • 5th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum

    Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 13-03-2019 to 14-03-2019

    Energy Access Investment Forum Banner

    The 5th Energy Access Investment Forum organised by the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) will be held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in March 2019.

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  • Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2019

    Berlin, Germany, 09-04-2019 to 10-04-2019

    The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue will gather high-level participants from politics, industry, academia and civil society to discuss ways to achieve low-carbon energy transitions in support of the Paris Agreement.

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Event archive

  • Vienna Energy Forum 2018 - Special Session

    Vienna, Austria, 14-05-2018 to 16-05-2018

    This year's Vienna Energy Forum consists of three major energy events in three days: first the VEF plenaries, on May 14, then the Austrian World Summit, on May 15, and finally the PFAN Global Investment Forum, on May 16.

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  • 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit

    Nairobi, Kenya, 21-03-2018 to 22-03-2018

    Join REEEP at the 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit, where government representatives, private sector stakeholders and investors will come together to explore how mini grids can help meet the large and growing demand for off-grid...

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  • 4th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum

    Catania, Italy, 13-03-2018 to 15-03-2018

    This year's ARE Energy Access Investment Forum will be held in Catania, Sicily, and will be themed 'Integrating remote communities into economies'. The first day of the forum will feature the ARE Awards ceremony. REEEP DG Martin...

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  • 7th Africa ESG and Green Investment Forum

    Mombasa, Kenya, 21-02-2018 to 22-02-2018

    The Africa Environmental, Social & Governance and Green Investment Forum will bring together ESG and sustainable investment professionals to discuss contemporary issues related to ESG, sustainable and impact investing in...

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  • Africa Energy Indaba 2018

    Johannesburg, South Africa, 20-02-2018 to 21-02-2018

    REEEP will be represented by its Regional Secretariat for Southern Africa at the 2018 Africa Energy Indaba, which will take place in Johannesburg in late February.

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  • Africa Energy Forum: Off the Grid 2018

    Kampala, Uganda, 06-02-2018 to 08-02-2018

    The Second Africa Energy Forum: Off the Grid will bring together representatives of governments, national banks, multilateral and bilateral investors, developers and others to discuss the challenges and opportunities connected to...

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  • Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China, 22-01-2018 to 24-01-2018

    The Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo is the premier meeting of the off-grid solar sector, and aims to accelerate the development of the global off-grid solar market and contribute to achieving universal energy access by 2030.

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  • World Efficiency Solutions

    Paris, France, 12-12-2017 to 14-12-2017

    World Efficiency Solutions offers a meeting space for actors in the public and private sectors working towards a low-carbon and resource-efficient economy. The event includes business matchmaking, and expo, a showcase space, a...

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  • Solar & Off-Grid Renewables Africa: EAC & SADC

    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 05-12-2017 to 06-12-2017

    REEEP will be represented by Andreas Zahner and John Tkacik at this conference, which will connect governments with project developers and financiers to scale up energy access efforts across Eastern and Southern Africa.

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  • COP23 Side Event: Financing Transformative, Resilient Development Outcomes - Approaches from Eastern and Southern Africa

    Bonn, Germany, 16-11-2017, 11:30 to 13:00

    How can countries use climate finance to transition to low-emission, climate-resilient development pathways? This side event explores what financing paradigm-shifting transformative development looks like in practice, presenting...

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  • COP 23 Side Event: Getting the Right Finance for a Low-Carbon Agri-food Sector in Cambodia: Lessons and opportunities for scaling-up

    Bonn, Germany, 14-11-2017, 18:45 to 20:15

    The event at the Energies 2050 Pavilion, organised by REEEP and Nexus for Development, will share the lessons learned from the pilot phase of the Clean Energy Revolving Fund (CERF), a fund supported by the Government of Austria...

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  • COP23 Side Event: Cleantech Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Transformative Climate Solutions

    Bonn, Germany, 14-11-2017, 18:30 to 20:00

    This event, organised by UNIDO, GEF, CTCN and PFAN and hosted by the State Secretary for Sustainable Development of Morocco, will discuss ways to unlock prosperity through clean technology innovation and entrepreneurship at the...

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  • REEEP at COP23 - Fiji in Bonn

    Bonn, Germany, 06-11-2017 to 17-11-2017

    Fiji is hosting the 23rd Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will be held in Bonn, Germany. As every year, REEEP will be present, organising and participating in side events....

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  • Global Science, Technology and Innovation Conference 2017

    Brussels, Belgium, 23-10-2017 to 25-10-2017

    The G-STIC 2017 conference focuses on connecting technological innovation to decision making for sustainability. It aims to build knowledge bases and global expert networks to support the technological transitions needed for the...

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  • SAM - African Microfinance Week

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 09-10-2017 to 13-10-2017


    The SAM (Semaine Africaine de la Microfinance) is a biennial conference dedicated to expanding financial inclusion in Africa, and is a platform for reflections and discussions between microfinance stakeholders, including the IMF...

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