FEATURE: Climate Knowledge Brokers ‘join the dots’ for users of climate information

In October 2014, representatives from the burgeoning world of online climate and development information gathered in Brighton, UK to discuss how to make their services as ‘user friendly’ and connected as possible.

The meeting brought together website developers and managers of the Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) Group, which aims to establish new forms of cooperation to join up the sector. Representatives from major United Nations agencies such as UNEP, the UNFCCC, World Bank and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) attended, along with leading climate communications firms from as far as Belize, Peru, and Austria. Now a full report of the Group’s debates and future plans is available to read: Climate Knowledge Brokers Workshop Report 2014.

Online knowledge services on climate change and development have become so ubiquitous, and new ones are emerging so frequently, that CDKN’s Geoff Barnard has coined a term for the phenomenon: ‘Portal Proliferation Syndrome’.

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