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Innovative Communal Utility and Meeting House ICU in Tanzania

To establish a communal utility in the village of Mwamgongo to provide electricity and solar thermal energy, sustainable water and sanitation services that increase local energy access and allow the development of a local tourism...

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Boosting RE in privately-led rural electrification projects in Cambodia

To build two new power plants; one based on PV-diesel hybrid technology, the other one based on biomass - rice husk gasification; to demonstrate the positive effects of RE and EE on local mini-grids. Support the retrofit of the...

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Increasing access to RE and EE technologies in Ethiopia through sustainable cooperative societies

To establish sustainable cooperative societies in two off-grid, low-income rural communities in southern Ethiopia; supplying solar-powered lights and efficient cookstoves to areas currently dependent on kerosene for lighting and...

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Empowerment through a women’s clean energy co-operative in Bihar, India

To establish one fully operational women’s energy co-operative as an independent energy services provider to thousands of off-grid households in Bihar

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E-bikes at a charging station in Hanoi

Business model for solar-charged e-bikes in Vietnam

To create an innovative business model for recharging and servicing e-bikes in Hanoi that alleviates poverty among the poor and handicapped, reduces CO2 emissions and is ready for up-scaling.

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