Market Acceleration for Green Growth

REEEP invests in clean energy markets to help developing countries expand modern energy services and improve lives; increase prosperity and economic dynamism; and keep CO2 emissions in check - markets that accelerate green growth. REEEP’s tools are modern clean energy technologies - renewable energy and energy efficiency - market forces, and knowledge management. 


Current climate and emissions trends are bleak. This reality exists largely because of the consumption patterns that supported growth in developed economies. If developing nations follow this path, CO2 emissions will continue to increase dramatically. However, development is the only option.

Today 795 million people worldwide are undernourished, 1.8 billion lack access to safe drinking water, and 1.2 billion do not have access to electricity.
Industrialized nations have committed to raising $100 billion annually in financing by 2020 to help developing nations combat climate change and its effects. The question remains how to mobilise, distribute, and utilise this financing so that economies profit, development is enabled, energy access is widespread, and low-carbon principles become standard practice.


Access to energy is fundamental to generating prosperity in developing countries. Advancements in technology have made it possible to expand energy access while reducing emissions from fossil fuel. To be truly sustainable, these technologies must provide value and be market viable. REEEP’s portfolio expands modern energy services to improve lives and increase prosperity, while reducing CO2 emissions by supporting markets for clean energy in developing countries.
REEEP understands clean energy markets from a practice, policy, and financial perspective. We seek and support high potential projects that can validate promising business models and technologies. We monitor and evaluate projects to understand market opportunities and barriers to success. Our insight influences policy, increases public and private investment, and informs our portfolio of projects that can be shared and replicated within and across markets.
Access to knowledge is essential for growing markets from the bottom up. REEEP works to connect knowledge to drive entrepreneurship, innovation, and policy improvements that shift markets across the developing world.


Clean energy markets can alter CO2 emission trends while increasing prosperity.

REEEP Unlocks Clean Energy Markets