Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia Shortlisted for Ashden Award

08-05-2019, London, United Kingdom

We are very excited to announce that the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia has been selected as a finalist for this year's Ashden Awards, which identify and promote organisations and businesses implementing excellent practical and innovative sustainable energy projects. The Sweden-funded programme, which has helped over 100,000 Zambian households gain access to affordable off-grid energy, has been shortlisted in the category Financial or Business Model Innovation. The winners will be announced at the end of June.

From Ashden: 

"In the very near future, we must drastically reduce our carbon emissions to very little if not zero. That date is creeping ever closer, with reports from the Committee on Climate Change aiming for 2050, and many of us hoping that it is much sooner than that.

During the hunt for the 2019 Ashden Award winners we have spoken to and met hundreds of organisations around the world that are creating innovative solutions to energy storage, and that are ensuring we leave no-one behind in the efforts to reach net zero, so those that need it most have access to the clean electricity that will save lives, bring joy and alleviate poverty.

We have spoken to those that are improving our transport systems and making our buildings more energy efficient, and we have whittled them down to 20 organisations that are not just aiming for zero emissions, but are also making clear the co-benefits of sustainable energy - healthier populations, more pleasant working conditions, engaged communities and fairer economic opportunities for all.

We had applicants from Mexico to Medellin, Waltham Forest to Varanasi, all highlighting the co-benefits of fighting climate change with sustainable energy, from better health to avoiding deforestation."

The full list of finalists can be accessed via the link below.