BRT for mega-cities: REEEP speaks out in Information Daily article

17-06-2013, Vienna, Austria

Claudia Florowski, a member of the REEEP team recently published an article on, a site targeting policy-makers. The article highlights the challenges of transportation in the mega-cities of emerging markets, and underlines bus rapid transit (BRT) systems as a cost-effective solution.

BRT lanes Jakarta

A REEEP-funded project in Jakarta, Indonesia has helped to extend the feeder services to that city's BRT system, and the article argues that this type of transit presents a cost-effective alternative to underground or overground metro systems for large and quickly-growing cities.

The TransJakarta system took just two years of planning and construction, and was the first BRT system in southeast Asia, taking its inspiration from the TransMilenio BRT system in Bogotá, Columbia.

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