Create your own energy statistics graphic on Linked Open Data in action

14-03-2013, Vienna, Austria

Wondering how hydro generation in Brazil stacks up against Russia, India and China?  Need a quick presentation graphic showing the total energy production v. total energy use in Ghana? There’s a new country energy statistics comparison feature on, the world’s most visited clean energy information portal where you can select the statistics you want and generate a graphic on the spot.

reegle statistics comparison screenshot

Under the menu point Resources & Services, choose Country Statistic Comparison and decide if you’d like a multi-country comparison, or if you’d like to see key statistics compared within a single country. Then select the timeframe and the country or countries (up to 5) you’re interested in, and hit the Show visualisation button. You’ve got a ready-made graphic showing the data you’ve requested, with the source cited.

This feature is ideal for getting a quick overview of several countries – and for grabbing a screenshot for to incorporate  into your own presentation.  Best of all, it is dependable data drawn from trusted sources. All statistics are drawn from the United Nations, World Bank and Eurostat databases and the graphic is compiled on the spot as you press the button.

For example, here's what a comparison of hydro-electric generation in Brazil, China and Russia looks like:

“This is another great example of Open Data in action,” notes Florian Bauer, co-author of Linked Open Data: The Essentials, and responsible for the website, “we’re able to take data from multiple sources and present it in highly digestible and useful formats for others to use, all free of charge. It’s really just a hint of what’s possible by opening up public data and making it freely accessible.  I think we’re going to see the number of interesting uses of this trend explode in the coming months and years.”


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Florian Bauer

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director General