GBPN and REEEP launch the “1 Billion m2” Initiative: an effort to promote residential positive energy buildings

21-05-2013, Washington DC, United States

The Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) and REEEP announced today at an EE Global Intensive Learning Session in Washington, D.C. the launch of a new collaboration aiming to encourage the construction of 1 billion m2 of positive energy and affordable social housing by 2023. The session is designed to gain stakeholder feedback on the initiative.

1 billion m2 Intensive Learning Session EE Global 21 May 2013

Designed to promote energy efficiency in buildings in emerging economies in the residential sector and engage with global actors in the field, “1 Billion m2” sets a work programme that will help deliver the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal on energy.

The project’s main challenge consists in reversing the mainstream trend around building performance by making buildings become net energy providers, instead of energy users, in all climates and for all consumers, rich and poor.

“Buildings can become answers to the global energy supply questions. What is needed in our view is a global movement that decides to change the ‘buildings paradigm’. It is time for buildings to play a major role in their ecosystem towards developing ecological positive built environments.", said Peter Graham, Executive Director of the GBPN.

To achieve its mission, “1 Billion m2” will develop:

  • Technical and practical tools, knowhow and training for the construction of energy positive buildings in key countries and ensure their use;
  • A community of practice, bringing together actors in the field of social housing who stand up and are counted for a future in which buildings are net energy contributors.

By combining REEEP’s expertise and network of implementing organisations with the GBPN’s capacity to identify, verify and share international best-practices, “1 Billion m2” aspires to initiate leading edge positive building strategies to create adapted, sustainable and scalable buildings and energy supply.

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