GIZ funding to expand scope of thesaurus

09-01-2013, Vienna, Austria

REEEP has signed a contract with the German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to expand the thesaurus to include important aspects of climate adaptation in greater depth. This step will make it easier for knowledge brokers to take full advantage of the reegle Tagging API, a free tool that automatically tags electronic documents to make them more searchable – and findable.

The thesaurus will be expanded in two specific areas: climate services & adaptation, and measurement and evaluation as it relates to adaptation, with the ability to extend this to further adaptation related topics.

Modelling these important areas in greater depth will increase the value of the reegle thesaurus as a whole. These extensions also demonstrate just how flexible the system can be in response to the rapidly changing requirements of the clean energy and climate scene.

The expansion project will run from January to April of 2013. The first step will be the research of the current documents and tags in use and other relevant resources and scoping the range of existing glossaries in the field and other Linked Open Data (LOD) sources.  With this as a basis, and with interviews of experts, an overall mind-map of the field will be drawn, classifying each term in relation to its own broader, narrower and related terms.  The new part of the thesaurus automatically becomes part of the reegle web search and glossary as well as the reegle tagging API.

“We’re really excited to sign this contract,” says Florian Bauer, REEEP’s Director of IT and Operations. “because expanding the thesaurus to include adaption will add immense value to users of the reegle Tagging API.”