"Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences" report launched

02-07-2014, London, United Kingdom

There has been a significant demand for – and yet lack of - real stories, analysis, and knowledge-sharing from on-the-ground efforts in green growth planning and development from around the world. Therefore, a team of experts supported by the European Climate Foundation, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) came together to produce the report, “Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences.”

This report features 60 case studies from developed and developing countries which share experiences and important lessons in striving for green growth goals. It is the first such report of its kind, offering comprehensive analysis and identifying nine key areas to support green growth:

  • Government driven planning and coordination processes
  • Establishing a vision, targets, and baselines
  • Assessing and communicating benefits
  • Prioritising options and pathways
  • Designing policies
  • Developing strategies to mobilise private investment
  • Fostering public-private collaboration
  • Integrating national and sub-national action
  • Monitoring and evaluating results.

We are proud to say that one of REEEP’s board members, Mark Fogarty, contributed as a co-author to the chapter on mobilising private investment.

The report was officially released on July 1st, 2014 at a seminar in London which was broadcast via live stream online, where a panel of key contributors summarized major findings and answered questions from the audience and online viewers.

It is clear through these efforts that the report itself is not the end goal, but rather the renewal of efforts in supporting inclusive green growth worldwide while being better informed and engaged. A number of key government institutions and organizations have signed on to work together to use the findings of the report and further build capacity and awareness in order to foster successful programs.



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