Magdalena Kouneva steps down as REEEP Director General

28-10-2021, Vienna, Austria


''The Director General of REEEP, Magdalena Kouneva, is leaving the organisation to pursue her dedication to support climate and sustainable development objectives through innovative instruments. In her one and half years in this position, Magdalena has steered REEEP through the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and helped set the course for the next chapter of REEEP’s work. REEEP’s key activities, such as BGFA, PFAN and IKI Soaring, will continue as well as new areas of cooperation with partners that have been developed through her energy and dedication.

REEEP’s international secretariat will continue its hard work while its Governing Board seeks to recruit the next Director General and will ensure an uninterrupted and smooth fulfillment of its commitments and obligations to funding and implementation partners.

We take this opportunity to thank Magdalena for her dedication and commitment during a testing period globally.”

- Dr Valerie Marcel, Vice Chair of the Governing Board