New video highlights reegle Tagging API

14-01-2013, Vienna, Austria

This new promotional video provides an overview of the reegle Tagging API, outlining the most important features of this new tool which automatically tags digital content to make it searchable – and findable.

The video kicks off with a brief opening by REEEP’s Director General Martin Hiller, who points out that access to information is critical in promoting clean energy market growth.  Florian Bauer, Director of IT and Operations then runs through the tool and its key benefits.

The reegle tagging API is a free tool that enables any organisation with a large electronic storehouse of clean energy and climate-related documents to tag these resources automatically, using reegle’s thesaurus as the basis for classification.

The automated scanning and tagging ensures that all documents are tagged in a consistent way, rather than depending on individuals who – as human beings - are each likely to attribute concepts in a slightly different way.

The API can also be used to make suggestions for related content, drawing on your organisation’s own documents, and on the pool of resources around the world that have already been indexed using the tool.

Since the tool is based on reegle’s clean energy and climate change thesaurus, it also offers definitions, synonyms and links to related terms.  The reggle tagging API can scan and classify original content in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

For further information and a quick demo of the type of results the API delivers, go to