REEEP signs MoU with NREL

01-11-2011, Vienna, Austria and Washington DC, United States

REEEP has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), an entity managed and operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC for the US Department of Energy. The MoU commits the two organisations to collaborating closely in the field of linked open energy data.

NREL develops and maintains Open Energy Information ( as part of the Open Government Initiatve to provide access to energy data through linked open data standards. Allied to this effort, NREL is also developing the Clean Energy Solutions Center (  This dovetails neatly with REEEP’s development and maintenance of the clean energy information portal, which employs open data technology to make international energy data more accessible to users around the globe.

The collaborative activities outlined in the MoU include:

  • Working together to promote low-carbon energy systems, and raising the profile of local and regional expertise and projects
  • Exchanging information to identify compatibilities and avoid overlapping actions
  • Jointly implementing events with shared objectives
  • Reegle integration with OpenEI and the Clean Energy Solutions Center

"We’re really excited to be collaborating with NREL,” says Florian Bauer, Manager of the reegle website, “and linking reegle with OpenEI is an important element of the partnership.  We’re also collaborating with NREL on a Linked Open Data workshop in Abu Dhabi in January 2012, so this MoU in effect formalizes a strong working relationship.