reegle thesaurus now includes climate services and adaptation M&E

29-07-2013, Vienna, Austria

Thanks to funding from GIZ, the German Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit, the thesaurus function in the Glossary on has now been expanded to include terms relating climate services and adaptation measurement and evaluation.

The Glossary contains definitions for clean energy terms and a thesaurus function that  includes similar and related terms, and maps them visually.   Click here to see an example of how the climate services area is covered.

Widening a strong base

The newly added terms funded by GIZ build on the original base of the thesaurus, which already covered terms relating to renewable energy technology, energy efficiency, mitigation and adaptation strategies, carbon offset systems and climate change theory.
The thesaurus lies at the heart of the reegle web search and the Worpress plugin, which highlights recognised words green in our reegle blog articles.

Power behind reegle Tagging API

The thesaurus is also the muscle behind  the reegle Tagging API, a cost-free tagging service for those publishing online resources in the clean energy, climate and adaptation arenas.  By tagging the terms in documents, the API makes your climate-, adaptation- and energy-related web content resources searchable – and findable – for free!  The reegle Tagging API offers three levels to explore/use as you need.

The online Demo feature allows you to cut and paste a document or sample text and then immediately see the results online, showing you the types of extraction that the service provides using your own real-life example.

The Upload and Tag Documents function moves you into the actual tagging of your resources, rather than just showing you an example.  It requires no technical expertise to implement – you can  upload as many as 500 documents and then export and download the extracted results as a CSV file. The only requirement here is the free online registration.
The Implement the API option is the full service, targeting  a techie audience who can actually integrate the API into your own web platform or app.


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