reegle Translate to Break Down Language Barriers in the Global Fight against Climate Change, Changement Climatique, Cambio Climatico, Mudança Climática, and Klimawandel.

16-04-2015, Vienna, Austria

REEEP (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) launched today reegle Translate (, a free online service to help bridge language gaps within the growing global climate and development community. Precision is critical when dealing with technical terminology – reegle Translate helps experts, students, politicians, entrepreneurs and others connect across borders and languages, without sacrificing accuracy and exactness.     

reegle Translate

Reegle Translate is a simple and easy-to-use tool that provides expert translations in five languages for highly specialised and technical terminology from fields related to climate change, global development, clean energy and others. Reegle Translate is backed by REEEP’s expansive Climate Smart Thesaurus, a vast catalogue and taxonomy of specialized terminology in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

REEEP began compiling the Climate Smart Thesaurus in 2011 with the help of leading experts in their fields, and it now includes specialized language from sectors in including renewable energy and energy efficiency, green growth, monitoring and evaluations, greenhouse gas emissions in industry, the economics of adaptation, and more. The Thesaurus is regularly updated and expanded to additional areas and language, and can be targeted to incorporate specific sectors on an as-needed basis. The Climate Smart Thesaurus is also the basis for Climate Tagger (, a suite of software tools designed for purveyors and brokers of climate and development-related knowledge. “Reegle Translate brings the power of the Climate Smart Thesaurus to anyone with an Internet connection, allowing instantaneous and precise translations of technical and specialised concepts that are not always easy to find,” said Florian Bauer, REEEP Director of Operations and head of the Open Knowledge programme. “This should help greatly reduce confusion and improve consistency for documentation that really demands accuracy,” he added.

Reegle Translate is accessible to all at, and a glossary of the Climate Smart Thesaurus can be viewed at