Rockefeller Foundation and REEEP to investigate lessons of mini-grid market development in India

14-12-2015, Delhi, India

Since 2010, The Rockefeller Foundation has been working to expand access to electricity in India through a model utilising mini-grids for lighting and productive use. In 2014, The Rockefeller Foundation significantly intensified this work with a USD 75 million commitment as part of a new Smart Power for Rural Development Initiative (SPRD), which seeks to electrify 1,000 villages in India over the next several years. 

This December, The Rockefeller Foundation has teamed up with the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) to take stock of the initiative, synthesise data and information gathered since operations commenced, codify these into actionable lessons and engage with key stakeholders who can help scale-up mini-grid deployment within India and in other areas of need across the globe. 

Over the coming year REEEP will work with The Rockefeller Foundation, Smart Power India, and a number of local and international partners to communicate the initiative’s successes, challenges, and lessons learned. 

Following the principles of the Climate Knowledge Brokers group (CKB), we will start from user needs – we will first identify and interview target stakeholders in order to understand their knowledge gaps, information and data requirements. Data and evidence has already been gathered from operational mini-grids, which REEEP will analyse to match to those requirements, working with experts from India and around the world. Targeted briefings will be published in 2016 to highlight opportunities for specific actors, equipping decision-makers with the information they need to engage and scale the initiative into the future.

John Tkacik's picture

John Tkacik

Director of Analytics and Technology