Our funding approach

We are seeking viable business models and other clean energy solutions that are ripe for scaling up, and we are developing and supporting sector-specific interventions to push clean energy solutions up the growth curve.

In support of this vision, in the 9th funding cycle and beyond, REEEP is particularly interested in funding projects that will:

  • scale up business models for renewable energy and energy efficient technologies to ensure growth in existing markets and new market penetration
  • support decentralised and/or off-grid generation to extend access to energy and its related opportunities
  • harness the benefits of clean energy in food production and the efficient use of energy in agricultural applications
  • employ clean energy in providing reliable water supply
  • support communication and provide and open up energy data and information to assist with informed decision making and planning as energy systems change

Beyond traditional funding calls, we are beginning to identify and structure tipping-point interventions; initiatives that move clean energy up the growth curve from pilot stage to wide-scale roll-out.  Several such interventions are under development, and REEEP will work with partners in both the public and private sectors to implement them.

New calls for proposals will be announced on the REEEP website and via our mailinglist, which you can join by subscribing here .