Compiling RES Legislation for Kazakhstan


To generate support for renewable energy for inclusion in the legislation of Kazakhstan.

Main Activities

  • Conduct a brief study using available data and propose a target figure for RES in Kazakhstan based on resources and economics;
  • Establish an argument that involving RES in the energy balance brings economic, environmental and development benefits for Kazakhstan and the global environment;
  • Utilise the framework developed in the current Project to develop detailed regulation drafts extended to cover all relevant renewables, including price predictions. The drafts will include a proposed costed National RES development programme;
  • Develop detailed draft legislation through working with Project specialists, the Ministry of Energy and other state agencies, in a form appropriate for the inclusion in Governmental and Parliamentary sessions. Further engagement will be sought with the Ministries of Environmental Protection and Economy;
  • Engage with potential donors, investors and stakeholders;
  • Organise a final seminar to present draft regulation to all stakeholders.

Expected Impact

  • Generation of draft legislation in a form that can be submitted to the Kazakhstan legislature for debate and possible adoption;
  • Presentation of a proposed schedule for implementation of a national programme for renewable energy;
  • Increased political debate on the role and value of RES in the energy balance of Kazakhstan and that its promotion brings economic, environmental and development benefits for Kazakhstan and the global environment.

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Programme sector: 

Renewable Energy (RE) (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 





2006 - 2007


€ 91,506 including co-funding from UNDP Kazakhstan

Implementing agency: 

UNDP Kazakhstan

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom