Development of a business plan for rural electricity generation (DG) system based on biomass


To develop a commercial model for biomass distributed electricity generation based on an assessment of development needs namely technology, financing mechanisms, capacity building at local level for establishing RESCOs. 

Main Activities

  • Review DG programmes based on available literature & information;
  • Conduct a feasibility analysis to assess business attractiveness considering market potential and resource availability;
  • Select appropriate technology, design and implementation of pilot plant;
  • Conduct further feasibility analysis based on implementation experience;
  • Develop financing mechanisms for investment in, & commercial expansion of, such projects in consultation with banks;
  • Identify agencies and capacity building needs for the development of rural energy supply companies (RESCOs); 
  • Prepare a business plan;
  • Hold a bilateral workshop in New Delhi.

Create and manage a web site during the project period

Expected Impact

  • Expansion of rural energy access and clean energy network. An acceleration of investment in distributed energy systems based on renewable technology and local resources would supplement the efforts on grid expansion in India to meet the target of ‘Energy for all by 2012'.
  • Positive impact on the environment through the reduction in GHG emission (from the supply of electricity from fossil fuel based alternatives);
  • Poverty alleviation through increased income from the utilisation of wastes and the generation of direct and indirect employment from the development of RESCOs;
  • Social impact as the availability of electricity in the unserved/underserved areas would improve quality of life.
Programme sector: 

Renewable Energy (RE) (Business&Finance)

Stage of project: 





2007 - 2009


€ 180,000 including co-funding from DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd

Implementing agency: 

DSCL Energy Services Limited

REEEP grant funded by: