Implementation of a Dissemination Strategy for Efficient Cook Stoves in Northeast Brazil


To implement a dissemination strategy for efficient cook-stoves - including installation, sustainable forest recovery activities, and capacity building - that is adopted in Ceará state public policy through state development plans.

Main Activities

  • Install 200 additional improved cook stoves;
  • Recover shrubbery forest with native species;
  • Implement research on best dissemination strategy to determine the relative advantages of subsidising stove manufacturers versus stove users;
  • Implement best incentives for replanting methods and forest management to generate sustainable supply of fuel wood;
  • Capacitate Ceará state government in social, economic and ecological issues around efficient stove fabrication and distribution;
  • Work within Ceará state government to develop a dissemination model for efficient cook stoves adopted to their development plans and public policy.

Expected Impact

The programme will take crucial steps towards:

  • Enactment of informed public policy that would encourage the sustainable use of biomass in rural communities;
  • Improve health through energy efficient cook stove application;
  • State government agencies will have learned best dissemination methods for efficient cook stoves in rural communities;
  • State government will have adopted or be close to adopting this technology in the state development plans and will be pursuing financing options for further up-scaling.
Programme sector: 

Renewable Energy (RE) (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 





2007 - 2009


€ 108,220 including co-funding from IDER, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Implementing agency: 

Institute for Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy (IDER)

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom