reegle Tagging API

An explosion of information is available online in the climate and development sectors. But this flood of content in our email inboxes, on servers, in data warehouses or in the cloud is just that – a flood.  In effect, we have vast libraries at our disposal, but no catalogue of the contents.  The reegle Tagging API is a free service that automatically turns data into knowledge – knowledge that helps you and the users of your information services make better decisions.

What does the reegle Tagging API actually do?

The reegle Tagging API (application programming interface) offers two core services to organisations that publish online resources relating to climate and clean energy:

  • Automated tagging of documents covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate relevant subjects
  • Suggestion of related documents from the rapidly growing content pool of items already indexed using the service

Automated tagging ensures that content is classified in a consistent way, which helps the end-user find the resources he or she is looking for.  The suggestion of related documents helps to cover more angles of a given topic and can enrich your website's offering.

Important to know

  • Use of the reegle Tagging API is completely  free of charge.
  • The reegle Tagging API can be used to index original content in five different languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.
  • The API returns the formats RDF/XML and JSON.
  • To test its functionality on a block of text you provide yourself, try the demo at
  • To see how others have incorporated the reegle Tagging API into their information services, check out the examples at
  • On the site, web developers can register to get a free API key for each project, with no limit on the number of keys.  When logged in, the dashboard includes a request builder to help developers to build the necessary code.


Ask us at api [at]

A collaborative project

The reegle Tagging API is a collaborative project led by REEEP (which manages the most widely-used free clean energy information portal,, with three contributing partners: OpenEI, weADAPT and IDS/Eldis, and was made possible by support from the CDKN Innovation Fund.