Renewables Tagger: A New Climate Tagger Feature, Developed by IRENA and REEEP

Climate Tagger is a suite of tools that was originally developed in 2011 as a CKB collaborative project between REEEP, weADAPT, OpenEI and Eldis.
Utilizing the power of Linked Open Data and backed by REEEP's expansive Climate Smart Thesaurus, which was compiled with the help of over 50 experts in the field, Climate Tagger tags online resources with keywords automatically extracted from the text. Users can then choose to make their resources searchable by keywords, to link to similar resources, and even to provide definitions and translations for the keywords. The tool currently has around 200 registered users.
While thesaurus development started with a limited scope directly related to a specific use case, we have since moved on to include the vocabulary describing mitigation and adaption policy, monitoring and evaluation, climate services and, answering to specific requests, several special areas of interest such as REDD or sustainable energy regulations.

Most recently, an IRENA-REEEP collaboration (2015-2016)  made the development of the brand-new Renewables Tagger possible: an extensive overhaul of thesaurus content related to renewable energy concepts and terminologies, as well as a new technical feature which allows users to pre-select only this new section of the thesaurus for tagging.
When installing Climate Tagger to scan and tag their documents, users can now choose a specific part of the vocabulary for highly relevant tags:

  • Renewables Tagger: Select only Renewable Energy - over 2700 concepts recognized
  • Climate Tagger: Select All (entire Thesaurus) – around 5000 concepts recognized

With the input from domain experts as well as extensive internal review from both IRENA and REEEP, we can present users with Renewables Tagger, a tool that really “understands” the current knowledge on renewable energy technology, finance and policy.

Renewables Tagger tree view
This feature has been requested by some of our users as it will ensure even more precise tagging; by pre-defining a certain section of the thesaurus they can make sure the tool returns only tags which are highly relevant to their topics, instead of all tags from the wider field covered by the Climate Smart Thesaurus.
To make Renewables Tagger easier to use we offer ready-to-use plug-ins for Wordpress and Drupal as well as the API (Application Programming Interface):
You can try tagging your content with the new Renewables Tagger using the following demo.
If you want to learn more, listen to a recording of our Renewables Tagger webinar: