Amit Kumar

Regional Programme Advisor - REEEP South Asia Secretariat

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My whole career has been devoted to developing sustainable energy solutions because I realized that these are vital from the point of view of energy security as well as climate change mitigation. And the contribution of REEEP towards supporting innovative business models and policies has been substantial.

Amit Kumar has been a tireless advocate for the development and diffusion of cleaner and renewable energy resources-based technological solutions in India for the last 25 years.  His experience ranges from policy and programme formulation, through project implementation, to the design and development of renewable-energy technologies, as well as manufacturing of solar energy devices.

His exposure combines different facets of renewable energy industry as well as research domain. Currently, he is responsible for research activities in the fields of renewable energy, resource efficient process technology applications, and governance aspects of science and technology; including dealing with transnational clients/partners.

In TERI he is currently responsible for research activities in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable building design, and resource efficient process technology applications. He is well - versed in developing and coordinating large global projects involving multi-nations and multi-stakeholders such as UNEP-GEF study to assess solar and wind resources (SWERA) in 13 developing countries and an EU network (OPET) for the promotion of clean energy technologies in India from 1999 to 2004. He is well conversant with policy and programme formulation for governments and had led the projects on development of Sri Lanka’s policy framework for renewable resource based electricity generation and development of integrated energy management master plan for Bhutan.

He has been actively engaged with the Asian Development Bank as renewable energy expert. He works closely with the industry, governments, and electricity regulators for faster deployment of renewable energy technologies like utility-scale wind and solar. He helped Clinton Climate Initiative in introducing `solar parks’ concept in India.

For REEEP’s South Asia Secretariat, he provides valuable advice and input on clean energy priorities and inputs on government policies that will affect the deployment of RE and EE projects in the region.