Florian Bauer

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director General

People can make climate sensitive decisions only if they are informed by the best available climate knowledge. Therefore principles such as "open knowledge", sharing and collaboration have to be the standards of our work as publishers and brokers of climate information.

Florian is REEEP's COO and Deputy Director General. He manages the “Climate Knowledge Brokers Group” (a group of more than 150 leading knowledge brokers in the international climate sector) as well as REEEP’s knowledge tools such as reegle.info (a linked open data clean energy information portal) and the Climate Tagger (a tool to automatically tag unstructured content and connect it with similar content on other websites). Florian co-authored the book “Linked Open Data: The Essentials” as well as the "Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto" and plays a leading and consulting role in Open Data and Linked Open Data in the international development and climate change community. 

Prior to joining REEEP, Florian worked as a project manager and consultant for Siemens Austria, where he managed intercultural projects, and he also founded a web design firm in 2003.

Florian Bauer holds a Master's Degree in IT Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from the Vienna University of Technology.

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