Nicole Algio

Regional Secretariat Manager - REEEP Southern Africa Secretariat

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Nicole has been the Regional Secretariat Manager for REEEP Southern Africa since 2012. She has over 10 years of experience in the global climate change and carbon market sector, including renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. She has worked both in Europe and across Southern Africa, and has been involved in advisory, energy project management and implementation and policy and strategy development for large multinationals, European and Southern African Governments, and has also provided input in various government related climate change and RE/EE working groups.

Her current role as regional manager of the REEEP Southern Africa Secretariat includes liaising with local and international Government bodies to establish long-standing, multilateral relations. She also manages project acquisitions centred on climate change and is involved in local business development, energy policy and strategy, project finance and consulting for energy and climate sector stakeholders. Her current focal areas include the urban environment and smart cities, the food-energy-water nexus and energy in the agricultural sector. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, with a major in Impact Assessment, and an MBA.