Quinn Reifmesser

Senior Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

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+43 1 26026 3247



As Senior Manager of REEEP’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) work, Quinn is focused on strategy and implementation of MEL throughout the organisation, and in its collaborations with international partners in multi-stakeholder projects across the globe.

In her role, Quinn develops customized mixed-method approaches and processes which allow REEEP to collect clean energy business and market intelligence in real time from the ground in developing countries. As lessons are gathered from clean energy markets in specific countries and sub-sectors, the MEL processes and strategies are adjusted to the fluidity of these ever evolving environments. REEEP’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning spans the organisation’s project portfolios, knowledge management, knowledge product development and dissemination – essentially, all aspects of the invest-learn-share spectrum. Quinn’s role focuses on organisational learning from MEL in practice, creating a continuous improvement feedback loop for all methods and processes in use.

Quinn works with international organizations, governments and foundations to find innovative solutions that leverage REEEP’s organizational and clean energy market learning, providing solutions for their own unique requirements. The end results of this process are new links between business and market intelligence on one side and innovative knowledge management solutions on the other, forged using REEEP’s methods and tools, including The Climate Tagger. This process allows REEEP to fulfil its Knowledge Brokering role within the international community in general and within the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group (CKB) in particular, analysing and synthesizing clean energy knowledge to provide customized knowledge products tailored to user needs.

Prior to joining REEEP, Quinn managed a diverse portfolio of projects at the Ministry of Finance, Government of Canada. From there, she moved into the private sector as portfolio and key account manager liaising between the Canadian Government and IBM Canada. Transferring these skills to international development, Quinn obtained her MSc., Development Practice, at Trinity College, The University of Dublin, Ireland. Having worked as a project developer with the Irish and Rwandan Governments as well as international organisations such as the African Parks Network and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Quinn brings a wealth of public private partnership experience to her role at REEEP.