Sigmund Kluckner

Senior Manager, Open Knowledge

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+43 1 26026 3337



Knowledge should be used to the advantage of everybody – and not be kept to ourselves. By bringing together climate knowledge that exists between individuals, research organizations, governments and decision makers we can make a difference. Enabling this exchange of knowledge, but also of information and raw data is a big challenge, and we are taking the first step. Let’s not try to reinvent things over and over, but use existing and build upon that to take better informed decisions, create more suitable solutions to actual problems and needs and educate to work together.

Sigmund is working as Senior Manager, Open Knowledge at REEEP. He works on the daily operation of the CKB Group Coordination hub and is building and maintaining communication possibilities between all CKB-Group members, enabling organizations to exchange ideas, project results and (open) data.

Before Sigmund joined REEEP, he gained work experience in several international settings – between developing software concepts for the space and manufacturing industry in Austria and the United States or conducting research on information systems for crisis management in Germany he spent several months abroad on studies and research stays in Colombia, China or Denmark.

Sigmund holds a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg as well as a Master’s Degree in IT Management from the Vienna University of Technology.